Secure your community with award-winning tenant screening.

Trust, safety, and empowerment for both tenants and landlords.

With decades of tenant screening expertise, JDP Tenant helps landlords screen and approve tenants quickly, accurately, and with confidence.

Why choose JDP Tenant?

Tenant and landlord rights protected.

JDP is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association—adhering to the strict standards for the accurate, and ethical screening processes that protect and benefit both landlords and tenants.

Clarity and transparency for landlords.

Our Tenant Scorecard simplifies the evaluation process by showing the results of comprehensive background checks, tenant credit reports, eviction records, and more at a glance.

Tenant privacy handled with care.

Your privacy and security are paramount. We’ve earned our SOC 2 security compliance status by adhering to government-grade data handling standards at every step.

Comprehensive services for quick
and impartial decisions.

Background Checks

Customized background check and eviction record packages based on client’s requirements.

Credit Assessments

Detailed credit checks to ensure financial reliability.

Eviction History

Histories delivered with customized flagging criteria tailored to client needs.

Verifications and References

Available for education, employment and personal, both domestic and international.

Your data, handled ethically and with care.

We prioritize tenant privacy, ensuring that every step in our process reflects our commitment to ethical data management and our FCRA compliance standards.

  • Never Sold to Third Parties: We respect your privacy. Your data is never sold to third parties, staying solely within the bounds of our tenant screening services.
  • Top-Tier Encryption: Your information is secured using industry-leading encryption standards, safeguarding it against unauthorized access.
  • FCRA Compliant: We adhere strictly to privacy laws like the FCRA, ensuring your data is used responsibly and ethically.
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