Aviation Background Checks

Make Sure Your Candidates are Clear for Takeoff

Don’t let your new candidate take flight until you’ve checked to see what baggage they’re bringing onboard. When every person in your organization must work together to keep your crew and passengers safe, you can’t afford to let poor-fit candidates fly under the radar. We’ll screen your candidates closely, looking at everything from criminal records to substance use, to help you figure out which candidates are most likely to soar at your company.

Aviation Screening Services

Aviation Specific Searches

  • FAA Pilot Accident/Incident Check
  • PRIA Pilot Employment Record
  • National Driver Register Search
  • FAA Airframe and Power Plant License
  • PRIA Drug/Alcohol Verification (5 Year)
  • FAA PRIA Record (Airman Medical Certification)

Criminal Background Screening

  • SSNV ID Search
  • JDP National Criminal Search
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • State Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search

Drug Testing

  • DOT 5-Drug Panel
  • Lab-Based Urine Drug Screen
  • Hair Follicle Drug Screen
  • Instant Drug Screen
  • Self-Collection Drug Screen
  • Breath Alcohol Test

Verifications & References

  • Professional License Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Employment References
  • Personal References

Social Media Screening

  • Social Media Employment Report
  • Social Media Deep Report

Aviation Industry Knowledge and Experience

Hiring in the aviation industry requires more than just criminal background checks and employment verifications (though those are important). Every step of the hiring process requires adherence to strict regulations meant to keep your organization, its people and its passengers safe.

JDP simplifies the background screening process by helping you conduct all of your required screenings and managing them in one place. What can you do with JDP? If you’re hiring pilots, we can verify their licenses, incident and accident reports and conduct PRIA-compliant drug testing.

Hiring flight attendants, mechanics or ground personnel? We’ll confirm they have the proper FAA certifications and have them take the DOT/FAA-required drug screen. Of course, industry regulations necessitate running more than just one or two screenings, which is why JDP has solutions for each of your required background checks.

No matter what positions you’re hiring for, JDP can help you screen your candidates so you can make smart, compliant hiring decisions.


Learn how JDP’s Aviation Screening Services make meeting compliance easy.