Background Checks for Teachers, School Employees and Volunteers

Study Up on Your Candidate’s History

Need a cheat sheet to figure out if your candidates could pose a threat to your school? At JDP, we study up on each individual to learn everything about their criminal records, employment histories, substance use and more. We’ll verify everything we find before sharing our report with you (what can we say — JDP is full of teacher’s pets). It’s how we ensure that you know the full story on each candidate so you can make the best hiring decisions for your school.

JDP's Education Background Checks protect over 3 million students in schools throughout the U.S. annually.

Education Services

Criminal Background Screening

  • SSNV ID Search
  • JDP National Criminal Search
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • State Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search

Drug Testing

  • Lab-Based Urine Drug Screen
  • Hair Follicle Drug Screen
  • Instant Drug Screen
  • Self-Collection Drug Screen
  • Breath Alcohol Test

Verifications & References

  • Professional License Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Employment References
  • Personal References

Social Media Screening

  • Social Media Employment Report
  • Social Media Deep Report

Deep Education Experience

Whether you’re hiring teachers, staff or volunteers, you can’t risk putting students in harm’s way. While regulations for education background checks vary by location, JDP can help you stay compliant and give you all the information you need to make safe hiring decisions — something we do for districts both large and small throughout the U.S.

Perfect for school volunteers, our National Criminal Background Check searches over 685 million criminal records from across the country. We’ll unearth if your candidate has been included on a variety of criminal databases, like: sex offender registries; federal, state and local wanted fugitive lists; FBI terrorist list; OFAC; Department of Public Safety and Department of Corrections. Need to go a step further? We can do that, too, with our wide-range of thorough screening solutions. It’s how we help you know if your candidate should be given the opportunity to improve the lives of your students.


Learn how our Education Background Checks help protect your students from harm.